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Tour Division

The Tour Division is the most comprehensive division offered by the Sneds Tour. This division is designed for players ages 10 to 19 that are fairly skilled in the game of golf, but are in the process of developing their competitive game. These players traditionally have higher handicaps and are less experienced in tournament golf. Please review the chart below to see if your ability falls into this category. With the wide range of ability levels within the Tour Division we recommend to those on the bubble to move up to the Masters Division to have an opportunity to increase their skill level. If a player feels they would like to move up to play in the Masters Division, please call the office at 615-790-3336 and talk with the Tour staff to adjust your suggested division.


2024 Sneds Tour Suggested Division of Competition List

To adjust your suggested division of competition, please call the Sneds Tour office at 615.790.3336 for more information

Tour Division Eligibility Requirements

1.    Age on June 21, 2024 is between 10 and 19.

2.    Average score from the approximate yardage below falls within the designated area for that specific division.
     *For example, a 13-year-old girl must average between 48 and 60 on 9-holes from the course's most forward tee.

3.    Fairly knowledgeable of the USGA Rules of Golf and on-course etiquette.

Like in 2023, the Sneds Tour will be using a Tour Division Performance Policy. The policy ensures players are competing in the division that most suits their skill set.

Click here for Tour Division Performance Policy

Age Division

Boys 16-18 Tour

Boys 13-15 Tour

Boys 10-13 Tour

Girls 12-18 Tour (18 holes)

Girls 12-18 Tour (9 holes)

Holes Played






Approximate Yardage

6,400 - 6,600 yards

6,100 - 6,300 yards

Forward Tees

Forward Tees

Forward Tees

Average Score

81 - 105

86 - 110

46 - 60 (9 holes)

91 - 115

48 - 60 (9 holes)

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