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Spectator Guidelines

Spectator Code of Conduct Guidelines

The Sneds Tour is committed to providing opportunities for junior golfers to learn, play, and enjoy the game of golf. We do not want anything, especially spectators, to hinder this objective. With this in mind, the following guidelines for conduct will apply:

All Spectators MUST: 

  • Walk only on the cart paths (walk in the rough when cart paths are not available)

  • Keep all spectator carts on the cart paths at all times

  • Stay at least 30 yards away from the players at all times

  • Turn off cellular phone while on the golf course (please adhere to host facility's cell phone policy)

  • Adhere to same Dress Code as players (see "Player Guidelines/Code of Conduct")


All Spectators MUST NOT:

  • Talk with the players (could be misconstrued as advice)

  • Give rulings or advice

  • Interfere with any group on the golf course

  • Use or be under the influence of alcohol or tobacco products


*Please note that all spectators are encouraged to help look for balls, carry water, towels, umbrellas, etc., and seek help of Rules Officials.  Please be advised, under some circumstances, players may not want to find a lost ball.

Spectator Carts

The Sneds Tour is happy to try and accommodate all spectators. Spectators will be allowed to rent spectator carts at the discretion of the host facility. Please be advised that not all facilities are equipped with a full fleet of rentable carts.  When available, carts will be rented on a first-come, first served basis.  In order to maintain the championship atmosphere of the event, there are certain guidelines by which those individuals with spectator carts must abide.


All Spectators with carts MUST:

  • Keep all spectator carts on the path at all times. If cart paths are not available, carts must be kept in the rough

  • Stay with the cart at all times

  • Be courteous to all other groups on the golf course (be aware when renting a gasoline operated cart as cart noise is louder)

  • Be at least 16 years of age and have a valid drivers license

  • Follow any and all of the Local Cart Rules published by the host facility



All Spectators with carts MUST NOT:

  • Let any players sit or ride in the cart

  • Drive the cart while looking for golf balls

  • Have more than two people riding in the cart



This Spectator Code of Conduct has been adopted to protect the players. Parental and spectator interference could result in penalties or disqualification for the players. Any non-compliance with the above guidelines could result in spectators being asked to leave the course and possibly loss of future spectator privileges.


Spectators are welcome to shuttle players to their starting hole, from their final hole, during a delay of play and, in unique scenarios, where specifically instructed by the Sneds Tour Staff.  ALL participants must be seated inside the golf cart at all times during transport.  For safety reasons, no one is allowed to stand or sit on the back of a golf cart.

If a violation occurs, a player may be subject to a warning, penalty or disqualification.  Any violations by spectators may be resolved against the player.

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