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Player of the Year Award

At the conclusion of each Sneds Tour season one player from each of the five (5) Masters divisions will be awarded the Sneds Tour Player of the Year. The following criteria will be used to determine the winners (in no particular order):

  1. Adjusted scoring average throughout entire Sneds Tour season. (See Tournament of Champions section for details)

  2. Head-to-Head results against the top players in the same division.

  3. Candidates must display a high degree of sportsmanship and integrity throughout the Sneds Tour season as well as off the golf course. 

  4. Candidates must be role models to fellow junior golfers and a person that people look up to, not only for their golf skills but their life skills as well.

  5. Highly knowledgeable on the USGA Rules of Golf and etiquette.



The selection process will take place during the Tournament of Champions. Sneds Tour staff will meet and discuss the above criteria and select the best candidates in each division. The winners will be announced during the awards reception at Richland Country Club.

2023 Player of the Year Winners

Boys 16-18

Boys 13-15

Boys 13 & U

Girls 16-18

Girls 15 & U

Jaden Morrell

Hogan O'Keefe

Drew Thompson

Isabella Johnson

Tori Robinson






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