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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a membership fee to join the Sneds Tour?


There are several membership levels to sign up for on the Sneds Tour website.  Some have fees and some do not depending on the type of events you wish to play. Each level is a yearly membership and must be renewed before signing up for events. Click here for a list of membership categories and an explanation of each.


I was not sent my ID and Password from 2023, how do I find them?


If you go to, you can request your ID and Password be e-mailed to you.  If you no longer receive mail at the e-mail address on file, you will need to contact the office and we can look it up for you.  If you have been a member at any point since 2006, you have a BlueGolf ID and Password.  We will need to find this for you or the system will keep telling you that you are a previous member and not let you register.


What are the different levels of play?


The Sneds Tour is proud to offer 15 different gender, age and ability groups for junior golfers ages 4-19. Click here for an explanation and description of each division to best choose the one that matches your current ability level.  If you would like to speak with a staff member to help determine the best fit, please call 615-790-3336.  Players need to choose one division for the entire season.  The only reason a player would change mid-season is if they are clearly not in the appropriate division.


There are so many tournaments listed on the Sneds Tour website.  Which ones are for my division?


On the top right hand side of the BlueGolf Tournament page, there is a magnifying glass.  When you click on it, a drop down menu will appear.  Put in the appropriate division and/or region and hit search for a new list to appear.


Once I register for membership, how do I register for tournaments?


The most efficient way to register for events is through your profile.  You will be allowed to register for multiple events at once. Just log in to your profile and click the tournament tab.  All the events that offer your division will have a check box next to them.  Simply check the ones you want to play and hit next.  You will them be asked for payment information and to confirm your choices. NOTE: If you try and register for more than the maximum allowed, you will get an error.  Please see explanation below.


How many events can I play?


Members are limited to participating in a maximum of nine (9) summer events.  The Masters Two-Day, Tour Two-Day, and Micro Two-Day events count as one (1) event. Tri Cities Junior Series events also do not count toward your nine (9).  In addition, season ending championships (Summer Season Regionals, Aspen Grove Challenge, Tournament of Champions) do NOT count toward the nine (9) regular season events a member is allowed to play in.


When is my credit card charged for membership/an event?


Payment is required at the time of registration.  We begin Membership registration in January and then Tournament registration in March to help spread out payments.  Members are welcome to register for all events at once or take their chances on waiting until later in the season.  Some events will fill up very quickly.


How do I withdraw from an event?


There are several ways to withdraw from an event.  Up to 72 hours prior to the first tee time of an event, you may log in to your profile and hit the cancel button next to the event that you want to withdraw from.  At any time, you can contact the Sneds Tour office by phone 615-790-3336 or email (  Please provide the player’s name, the date and name of the event you wish to withdraw from if you are withdrawing via email. For a full description on the Sneds Tour's withdrawal policy click here


What is the tournament transfer policy?


Up until 72 hours prior to the first tee time of an event, you may transfer your registration from one event to another. Please contact us with the name/date of the event you are withdrawing from and the name/date of the event you want to play.  We will make every effort to accommodate your request.


How do I get my tee time?


Tee times are released 3 days prior to each event.  They are posted on the event’s tournament page and e-mailed and/or text to all players.


Are Distance Measuring Devices Allowed?


Yes, the Sneds Tour allows the use of devices that measure distance only.


How do I qualify for a season ending event?


All Masters Division full Sneds Tour members are eligible for the Tournament of Champions.  Invitations will be issued to those with the highest Junior Golf Scoreboard ranking in each age division. Please click here to visit Junior Golf Scoreboard's website for further explanation. 

All members in the Masters and Tour divisions that do not qualify for the Tournament of Champions are eligible to register for a Summer Season Regional Championship. Summer Season Regional Championships are filled on a first come first serve basis.

All Micro Division members are eligible for the Aspen Grove Challenge.  Invitations will be issued based on a junior's scores relative to par. Please 
click here for a more in depth explanation of how scores are adjusted.


Should spectators spot balls for players?


Yes, spectators should go ahead of the players to help spot balls.  But please be aware that a player may not want his/her ball found if it is a very errant shot.  Once found, the player will have to act on the original ball and they may have hit a provisional in the middle of the fairway that they intended to play.  Once a ball is found, please point out to the player you have found “a ball” and have them identify the ball before proceeding.


I am a player and I just saw another player break a rule.  What do I do?


Golf is a game of honesty and integrity and it is the player’s responsibility to know the rules.  The Rules of Golf are not something learned by just reading a book in one sitting, but by playing the game and learning along the way.  A rule that some of us might think everyone should know may not be something another player is aware of.  As good stewards of the game, we should stop a player from breaking a rule if we can, and hope that they would do the same for us.  If you cannot stop the player, make sure you bring the infraction to their attention as soon as possible.  It is also every player’s responsibility to “protect the field”.  This means you have the responsibility to make sure the player’s score you are keeping is correct, including any stroke penalties and making sure they proceeded correctly under any rules infractions.  If there is a need, please call in a staff member to help with the situation.  Please do not wait until the event is over and then contact the office.  There is nothing we can do after the competition has closed.  We want to be able to handle all these situations on site.


I am a spectator and I just saw a player break a rule and no other players in his/her group said anything.  What do I do?


Golf is a game of honesty and integrity and it is the player’s responsibility to know the rules.  The Rules of Golf are not something learned by just reading a book in one sitting, but by playing the game and learning along the way.  A rule that some of us might think everyone should know, may not be something another player is aware of.  As a spectator, you have the opportunity to help players learn the rules.  We do not want you to be in the middle of “rulings”, but we do want you to keep players from breaking rules and possibly getting disqualified.  If you see a player getting ready to break a rule, you may stop them and tell them they need to get an official.  If you are on the course and do not see an official, call the Sneds Tour office (615.790.3336).  Tell us where you are and we will contact the staff on site to get to you as soon as possible.  If the violation has been made and there was not a serious breach, do not interfere, let the group proceed, call us and we will have a staff member come over.


I am a spectator and I see another spectator violate spectator guidelines.  What do I do?


The best way to handle this situation is to call the office (615.790.3336) and have us send a staff member on site to handle the situation.

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