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4-7 Age Division

As the game of golf begins to reach even the youngest players, we are excited to provide the game's youngest golfers with tournament opportunities. Our 4-7 age division is designed to encourage learning and enjoyment of the game rather than competition. Players will play six (6) holes and adults will be asked to caddie in order to assist the player in the learning process. Only one (1) designated caddie will be able to give the player advice. The caddie will also be responsible for keeping score. Players are limited to twelve (12) strokes per hole, including "whiffs".

The Sneds Tour will offer full Sneds Tour memberships to our 4-7 Division players. Members will receive a Sneds Tour membership packet and access to summer, Sneds Tour events. Entry fees for 4-7 Division events will be $18/tournament. Players in this division will not advance to a season-ending championship.


Eligibility Requirements

1.     Age on June 21, 2024 is between 4 and 7.

2.     Fairly knowledgeable of USGA Rules of Golf and on-course etiquette.
       *Caddies must also be knowledgeable of rules and on-course etiquette*

3.     Willing to meet new friends and have fun.

Age Division

Boys 4-7

Girls 4-7

Holes Played



Approximate Yardage

See Below

See Below

Average Score

All Abilities

All Abilities

Course Lengths
Par 3 courses will be set up with hole lengths that range from 70 to 170 yards. Regulation courses will be set up by taking into account several factors, including course conditions like water hazards, out of bounds, etc. Par five (5) holes will range from 250 to 325 yards, par four (4) holes will range from 170 to 250 yards and par three (3) holes will range from 70 to 170 yards.

Caddies are allowed and encouraged for the 4-7 Age Division. The caddies will assist the players in both the playing process as well as the scoring progress. Caddies are encouraged to help teach their players rules and etiquette as situations arise on the golf course.

Click here for our
 "Caddie Guidelines"

Click here to view the 2023 4 - 7 Course Yardages and Pars.

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