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  Membership / Participation


Membership in the TMSGA shall be open to any school in Tennessee or its bordering counties that has students enrolled in 6th, 7th, or 8th grade, both for boys and girls. Member schools that continue to serve students within the state of Tennessee and its bordering areas may also submit an application for membership.



All students participating on a team registered in the TMSGA must be enrolled in grades 6-8, attend the same school, and be under supervision of the same administrative head, unless permission is granted by the TMSGA office to allow students from another school to participate (see cooperative teams and home schooled students below).

No student in a grade below the 6th grade can practice or participate as a member of a team in the TMSGA.

A school with teams in any combination of the Senior High Division, Junior High Division, and Middle School Athletic Association may certify a student for any division in which he or she may participate. A student may participate in only one division at any time. A student who has been certified as a member of the TMSGA may be advanced to a higher division at any time, provided the TMSGA office is advised to remove his or her name from the lower division eligibility report and a new eligibility report is filed to show that the student has advanced to a higher division.

Once an eighth grade student who is enrolled and in regular attendance at a high school participates in a sport at that level, he/she will be ineligible to participate in the same sport for a member middle school.

No student shall be eligible to compete in the TMSGA during any school year if the student becomes 15 years of age on or before August 1. 

Recruiting: Recruiting student athletes is strictly prohibited. Click here to view the TMSGA Recruiting Rule. 

Transfer Students: All TMSGA transfer student rules mirror the TMSAA transfer rules. Click here to view all transfer student rules.

Eligible Types of Teams

  1. School Sponsored Team
    • School is responsible for the coach and players
  2. Club Sport
    • Team is made up of players from a school but run by a volunteer coach
  3. Community Team
    • Team is made up of players from a school but the school and TMSGA are NOT responsible for the coach. 


Participation/School - JV Teams

If a member school has enough players to form more than one team, they may field one or multiple JV team(s). There will be no additional cost for fielding a JV team and each school must submit the team roster with the TMSGA office. If the member does have a JV team, they are allowed to compete only against other JV teams per TMSAA (Tennessee Middle School Athletic Association) guidelines.  


Participation/Cooperative Teams

Two schools may petition the TMSGA annually for permission to have a cooperative golf program if both schools do not have enough players to field a full team (four (4) for boys, two (2) for girls). The administration of the TMSGA may approve such cooperative programs subject to approval by the principal of the schools involved. Click here to view Cooperative Team Request Form. This form must be completed by the principal of each school requesting to co-op. In order for schools to co-op with one another they must both be TMSAA member schools or they must both not be TMSAA member schools. A TMSAA member school cannot co-op with a non-TMSAA member school.

In addition, any co-op program approved by the TMSAA is allowed to participate in the TMSGA. Click here for a list of co-ops approved by the TMSAA for the 2019-2020 season. 

Participation/Home Schooled Students

Click here to view TMSGA Home School student guidelines.



Participation/Individual Participation 

Click here to view TMSGA Individual Participant guidelines.